Design Trust for Public Space

When Design Trust for Public Space was looking to create a marketing brochure that quickly and easily explained their mission, history and selected projects, they selected PS as their partner. The goal for this piece is to provide an easily digestible overview of what the organziation does. It is a teaser. If a viewer wants more information after looking at this piece, they will be encouraged to go to their website or call the Design Trust for more information about their individual projects. After the success launch of the marketing brochure, Design Trust engaged PS to develop the publication material for their initiative, Making Midtown: A Vision for a 21st Century Garment District in New York City. Bringing to life more than 3 years of work conducted by the Design Trust for Public Space and CFDA, this publication is critical for the next step in gaining public and government support. PS New York created a lively, informative read appealing to a variety of audiences.