The City We Imagined / The City We Made

When the Architectural League of New York hired PS and Moorhead & Moorhead to design an exhibition examining development in New York City over the past decade, there were two major challenges: an undetermined location and the need to tell a complicated story with a limited budget. A flexible display system of cardboard panels was developed to organize the two main elements of the exhibit: a timeline documenting the events of the past ten years, and a collection of 1,000 photographs taken by a volunteer corps of architects. A color coded system of paper was developed to allow the viewer to intuitively absorb shifts in development patterns over the 10 year period covered in the timeline. PS also developed a website to provide more a in-depth understanding of the changes during that period. The exhibition ran for two months in a storefront in Soho as well as Governor's Island, attracting urban planners, city officials and interested citizens.